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Nais po naming imbitahin kayong samahan kami sa isang rally at pakikipag-usap kay Presidente Aquino tungkol sa kagyat na usapin ng botohan ng Konggreso sa RH Bill.

Isa hanggang dalawang libong mga kasapi at tagatangkilik ng kilusan para ipasa ang RH Bill (Purple Ribbon Movement) ang pupunta sa Mendiola sa Martes, Disyembre 13, alas 10-12 ng umaga. Humigit-kumulang 75 sa mga pinuno ang papasok at makikipag-usap sa Presidente mula 10:30-11:30. 

Sa pagpupulong, ilalahad ng grupo ang sinasadyang pagbinbin sa botohan sa RH Bill bunga ng matindi at puspusang pagbabara nito ng mga anti-RH. Dahil dito, nasasayang lamang ang panahon sa paulit-ulit at walang-saysay na interpellation o hindi pagpapakita ng interpellator. Hihilingin ng grupo kay Pangulong Aquino na magtakda ng taning sa pagboto sa RH Bill sa unang tatlong buwan ng 2012, bago ito malibing sa kalampag ng susunod na eleksyon.

Bilang isang haligi ng kampanya sa RH Bill, nais namin kayong makasama sa napakahalangang pagkilos na ito, sa loob at labas ng Malacañang. Nais rin naming makasama ang iba pa sa inyong mga kasamahan o kaibigan na sumusuporta rin sa RH Bill.

Umaasa sa inyong pakiisa.

"We would like to invite you all to join us for mass mobilisation and dialogue with President Aquino for him to take the lead in calling for a vote in Congress for the RH Bill.

Almost 2,000 RH advocates and allies of the RH Bill Purple Ribbon Movement will be assembling to march on Mendiola this Tuesday, Dec. 13, beginning at 10am and ending at 12pm. Approximately 75 community leaders will be entering Malanang itself for a dialogue with the President from 1030-1130am.

During this gathering, concerned groups will be relaying to the President the deliberate and shameful delaying tactics employed by the anti-RH. These actions serve only to obstruct the democratic process and willfully waste taxpayer money through repeated questions that have long since been answered, with arguments being offered by the anti-RH that have long since been rejected by the global scientific community. 

More often than not, scheduled anti-RH interpellators who so loudly demanded time to debate on the RH bill and have the gall to call themselves pro-life, do not even show up, further showing their contempt for the process and willingness to let more women and children die each day that they delay.

Assembled RH advocates will be calling on President Aquino to give a clear message to the so-far dithering congressional leadership for a concrete timetable that will promise a vote on the RH bill within the first three months of 2012, before it is again lost in the selfish electioneering of previous congresses.

As advocates for the RH campaign we would wish for any and all like minded people to join us for this most important movement, both inside and outside Malacanang. We also welcome any groups or friends that you may wish to bring with you.”

by Garrick Bercero

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines recently announced that it will have its own movement, purposefully echoing the Occupy Wall Street Movement in the United States. The movement, dubbed “Kilusang 99%,” was described by Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo as a “social reform movement” about “making the poor the center of development and making the government accountable for the welfare of the majority.”

As if to preemptively deflect accusations of being against the Aquino administration due to their historic chumminess with the former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (who is now facing accusations of electoral sabotage), Pabillo said that Kilusang 99% was not directed at President Noynoy Aquino or any particular leader. The movement has several demands outlined in a letter by Pabillo: agrarian reform, urban land reform and housing, ancestral domain reform, and fisheries reform.

To be sure, a campaign advocating these demands is laudable (though it is definitely not encouraging that Pabillo himself calls the movement a “crusade”). Certainly, capitalism in this nation and in the world has been enjoyed on the backs of the working class who are coerced into unfair labor by the rich and powerful, comprised of less than 1% of the human population. And, in fairness to Pabillo, he seems particularly serious about pursuing economic reforms, especially with Hacienda Luisita. He even supported the Senate hearings investigating the corrupt “Pajero bishops” of his Church. However, what the Church itself doesn’t seem to get is why the Occupy Movement began in the first place. And, in branding its own movement with allusions to Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring, it presents in Kilusang 99% a farce almost too comical to believe.

What the Occupy movement really is, and why the Catholic Church “occupying” anything is ludicrous. —> Read the rest of this article at the Filipino Freethinkers website.

Rock hard for RH!

Carlos Celdran hosts a web show with Pro-RH Advocates Dr. Junice Melgar, Leloy Claudio, Raffy Aquino and Dr. Guy Claudio.

by Kenneth Keng

Right now I so very badly want to be exploring the Winterfell-esque beauty contained in Bethesda’s latest action-RPG epic Skyrim, but as it stands now I seem to have traded in fighting this :

to save this:

for fighting this:

to save this:

Read the full article at the Filipino Freethinkers website.

We are now on the Third Day of the Occupy for RH campaign, and things are going well at the camp. We got rained on a bit yesterday morning, but the camp is as lively as ever. The FF tent will be undergoing some upgrades today, thanks to the efforts and donations of our members, and we look forward to seeing everyone there.

In the meantime, here’s a short summary of the things that happened on Monday. Keep an eye out for our old friend Tolits, and our expertly coordinated Command Center Lift-off to occupy their intended occupation of the Occupy campaign.

We interviewed Tanod/BPSO Antonio Dela Cruz Jr. today about his encounter with Rizalito David.

As you might have guessed, nowhere in Mr. David’s WikiPilipinas page does it say that he is a lawyer. What it should say is that he is also an Old Snake himself.
[With English captions.]
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by Red Tani

Yesterday, I wrote about how an anti-RH group tried to do a demonstration in SB park without a permit. An anti-RH reader (we probably have a few) responded to the post by doing what the anti-RH seem to do best — lie about it:

[aj] You might have read the news from a certain group of people who thinks [sic] they are smart and support RH that the Anti-RH group that went on vigil last night did not have a permit to rally. I won’t post their site, but let me tell you that this is an outright lie. These guys are liars of the highest order and would heckle their way into any decent discussion. The truth is that the pro-life side had a permit issued by the baranggay. The other side also had a permit – coming from Vice mayor Herbert Bautista who is pro RH. So para walang gulo, the vigil was just held somewhere else near the area, pero hindi po totoo na wala tayong permit at nagsinungaling tayo tungkol sa permit natin.

So I issued a simple challenge.

The Challenge! —> Read the full article on the Filipino Freethinkers website.

Anti-RH advocates were forced to leave SB Park after pro-RH advocates discovered that they didn’t have a permit.

The anti-RH advocates tried to bully their way into the camp by setting up tents at the gate for a thanksgiving mass they were planning. When the SB Park officer asked who owned the tents, anti-RH advocates lied and said they didn’t know. The SB park officer was later surprised to see that an anti-RH mass was already set up inside the tents.

When asked about whether they had a permit to do the thanksgiving mass, anti-RH advocates, led by Rizalito David, said that they did have a permit. It was later found out that all they had was an endorsement letter, revealing that the anti-RH advocates lied once again.

Finally, the anti-RH advocates left and moved their planned demonstration to the nearby police station. According to unconfirmed reports, they were allowed to use the venue without a permit.

This small encounter shows how the anti-RH side are willing to lie and disrespect legal procedures, in the same way that they lie about the RH bill and delay the legislative process.

The anti-RH demonstration at the police station will end at 3am tomorrow. The pro-RH occupation, on the other hand, will remain here at SB Park until legislators put the RH Bill to a vote.

Original post at the Filipino Freethinkers website.

The Occupation starts today! Visit rhbill.org/occupy/ for details.

21 November 2011

Since our inception, the Filipino Freethinkers have been staunch supporters of the Reproductive Health Bill, and we remain dedicated to pushing for its passage. There has never been a more pressing time for you to join this cause than now. Tomorrow, November 21, we along with many other passionate organizations and individuals, will Occupy for RH. We will remain camped outside of Congress for as long as it takes to get our legislators to finally come to a long-delayed vote on this issue. Too much time has been wasted, and too many mothers’ lives have been lost since this fight began, and we are now pulling out all the stops.

Join us. Talking about the issue on social media is great, but it is not enough. If you truly believe that the RH Bill should be put to a vote, then camp out with us at Congress. It’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of a vibrant community and help the country change for the better. As freethinkers, it is our responsibility to make our voices heard, to drown out all the falsehoods and bigotry that has surrounded this issue, and to finally let truth and life prevail.

Here’s the official statement of the Occupy for RH Movement:

It has been ten years since the first RH Bill, and after countless debates and delays we are no closer to a vote. The democratic process has stalled at the hands of time-wasting legislators and bullying bishops.

With mounting frustration we remind our public servants that for every day they delay the vote, Filipino families around the country lose their mothers. The time for delay is over. The time for a vote is now.

Starting tomorrow, November 21, RH Advocates from various organizations will occupy the park across the South Wing Gate of Congress, and launch a massive and sustained campaign to remind our Senators and Members of Congress of the urgency to vote on the Reproductive Health Bill before the year ends.

Pro-RH lawmakers, celebrities, artists, government officials, civil society and non-government groups, business, academe, youth, religious and non-religious sectors will show their support at this mass action,
and advocates will camp out in front of the South Wing Gate for as long as it takes for their voices to be heard.

We urge you to join us, tomorrow and onwards, and lend your voice to a movement that will save Filipino lives. Various activities will be held at the camp and at the South Wing Gate, such as a noise barrage, cultural and solidarity nights, pickets, creative and symbolic protests, actions that will make our legislators listen.

For ten years we have been ignored, the cries of the People drowned out by the powerful few. But no more. Together we will stand, together we will shout, and together we will Occupy for RH till our legislators vote for RH now.

For more details, visit the official site for Occupy for RH.